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During the 2018 Inspire Girls Elite Showcase weekend, on April 6-8, 2018 at Schneider Arena, Providence College, Providence, RI, INPIRE will offer roster spots on the "GIRLS INSPIRE" Tournament Teams to select players at the Showcase. The GIRLS INSPIRE Tournament Teams will compete in boys tournaments throughout the Spring and Summer.


INSPIRE was created out of the concept that in order for a player to reach their full potential, we need to foster BOTH high-end skill development AND a passion and love for the game. Accordingly, we have recognized the trend in youth hockey across New England where the best young girl players feel compelled to play on boys team (oftentimes as the only girl on the team) because of the perceived benefits of playing with and against boys.  At INSPIRE, we offer a unique opportunity where the elite level girls can come together with other elite level girls and play on the GIRLS INSPIRE Tournament Teams against the top boy teams around New England.  The GIRLS INSPIRE Tournament Teams combine the benefits of playing against boys with the camaraderie and fun of being on a team full of like-minded girls.  Establishing these fun, highly competitive GIRLS INSPIRE Tournament Teams allow the girl players to play at a highly competitive level AND foster a true love of the game.


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